Friday, December 9, 2011

Bridal Advice ....... From The Brides!

Okay, okay, we know.
Every bride looks gorgeous on her big day.
 Yet when a bride looks back at her pictures, there always seems to be something
she wishes she'd done differently.......
That's why we here at The Perfect Day H.E.A rounded up 5 brides to reveal what they wish they would have done with their wedding look.
Take their beauty advice and be regret-free!

1.)  "I have never been labeled 'traditional' when it came to my [personal style].
 I wore my hair in a very traditional way, pulled back and curled under the veil.
 I love bold colors but don't think that showed with my look. I am a wedding photographer now and most of the brides I shoot know exactly what they want!
They have these great headpieces, small funky veils, hot pink shoes-just fun! They show their personality much more than I did."

More advice: As a photographer I'd say being too tan is out. Don't go to your wedding orange! Just be yourself. -Nicole Shilliday, 28, Centreville, VA


2.)  Wedding wish: "I could've brightened my smile more."
"I loved my wedding look! I did my own hair, and a friend did my wedding makeup.
 I felt like me, which was key but I could have whitened my teeth. I kind of wish I'd done that, but the [teeth whitening strips] made my teeth sore so I gave it up.
 My teeth look fine, but sometimes I see those gleaming white bridal smiles and wish I'd had one, too!"

More advice: Keep a curling iron in your beauty station. My hair was pretty flat by the end of the night--I wish I'd set up a quick 5-minute refresher station where my bridesmaids and I could have re-fluffed a little together. -Melissa Walker, 33, Brooklyn, NY

  3.)  "I didn't have any help with my wedding makeup and I felt I could have used some more to make my eye shadow stand out and last longer."

More advice: "Don't rule out wearing a veil. I was against wearing one until my mom made me try it on. I loved it so much and I wore the veil during the ceremony and the reception." -Kristin Burstein, 28, Las Vegas, NV

4.)  Wedding wish: "My hair was darker than I would have liked." "I am a natural blonde

More advice: "If you want to wear your hair up or down or however-do it. Choose what you want and feel good in, not what others think will make you happy on your big day. Practice your wedding day look and take photos of it from all angles to see what looks good." -Bethany Lyons, 31, New York, NY

5.)  Wedding wish: "I should have done my own makeup." "I had my wedding makeup professionally done and I paid way too much money for a look that wasn't special at all! I think I should have had a makeup consultation at the mall or something so that I had some pointers that I would benefit from-not just for my wedding makeup but every day as well. I didn't even like my lipstick color!"

More Adive: Plan ahead, take snap shots of you in different looks, including make up, hair and any other important accerories you plan to wear. Change it up before the big day!

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  1. I love these tips!

    Thank you for sharing them on your blog Jessica!

    I often find that brides underestimate how photography photographs them for the lifetime of memories.

    To refresh makeup throughout the day, often all brides and the bridal party needs is blotting sheets, some loose powder, lipstick or color and some backup lash glue in case tears may have loosen any false lashes.

    If they are afraid they will look dried out from the winter, they can always spray some refreshing toner in a fine mister to re-hydrate the face.

    A curling iron is definitely a great tip, keeping bobby pins is also great for pinning in any loose hair pieces for updos.

    Another staple I also carry in my kit is safety pins in case any ripping of dresses occur!

    As for makeup, it is so easily misunderstood. I highly encourage future brides to look at before and afters of makeup artists and see the transformation they have made on past brides. Fancy edited pictures do nothing for brides because they are so unreal and far from the truth.

    A proper bridal makeup artist should help brides overcome fears.

    I always encounter these problems on the day of the wedding and I hope to be able to inform future brides on how to avoid some common regrets!